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Revenue Intelligence for Sales Engineers

Take the guesswork out of sales trials.


We, Alok Shukla and Preetam Jinka, co-founded FunnelStory in April 2022.

At ShiftLeft, we both built an in-house buyer-intent observability and data-driven engagement stack for all types of trials (both sales-led and product-led). This enabled the sales engineering and executive team to prioritize the PoC/Trial with superior buyer intents. While this was an internal DIY tool to help sales prioritize what matters, we established the evidence that the lack of PoC intelligence/system of record was a broader industry-wide problem for the B2B Sales Engineering team.

B2B Sales have transformed over the last decade. B2B companies are building or have built data infrastructure to get revenue and buyer intent signals for the sales team, retention signals for CS teams, and engagement/virality signals for pre/post purchase end consumers.

However, most B2B companies still do an abysmal job of discovering early buyer intent during PoCs/PoVs and have sales engineers waste time on bad opportunities. Sales engineers often depend highly on customer feedback to establish buyer intent signals during product PoCs/PoVs.

More often than not, the sales team discovers actual buyer intent very late during the PoC cycles leading to abrupt changes in the sales pipeline numbers. For sales leaders, this leads to a loss of trust in their sales pipeline numbers and sales forecasts.

We co-founded FunnelStory to solve this problem.

With FunnelStory,

  • ✔️ Sales Engineers will have data and AI power to prioritize what matters and keep sales forecasts in order.
  • ✔️ Product Managers can tap into sales data to generate insights, validate features and build product strategies.

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PREETAM JINKAFounder, Chief Architect
SURAJ PATILFounding UI Engineer
SNEHAL BAJAJFounding Product Designer
PULKIT BANTASoftware Engineer
AGNISoftware Engineer
NEEL MODISoftware Engineer (Intern)
AADARSHSoftware Engineer (Intern)