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At FunnelStory, we want to get your stalled/stuck/slow-moving sales trials/POCs/renewals over the finish line.

As a sales team, you have worked hard to get an account interested in your offering, got them excited to do a trial (PoC) of your product offering; you do not want to lose control over the process at this last but very important sales stage.

New-age buyers/users are sharing less and less information and have minimal need to ask questions from sales teams. So, If you cannot get buyers/users to talk to you (enough), how are you expected to develop that insight into them?

Use FunnelStory to know and engage with your customers as if you are personally with them. Get started in minutes and get those stalled PoCs/trials/renewals over the finish line.This tool is designed for the GTM team responsible for trials/PoCs and renewals. You need intelligence the most when you are closest to the finish line.

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FunnelStory is based in San Francisco.
Our Team is a diverse group of people working remotely, interested in computing, history, art, travel, alternative programming languages, and photography. Come join our remote team and be a part of something great!

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