Listen to your product and close more deals

Uncover what’s happening during your product trials so you can turn funnel insights into action

Watch in Action - How FunnelStory helps manage enterprise trials


Trial visibility the way your sales team wants it

👀 Visibility

Get a complete picture of your account activity

  • See your Funnel stage and account progress
  • Filter and slice Funnel criteria to find answers quickly
  • Drill down to get a 360-degree view of account activity
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💡 Intelligence

Focus your team on the right deals

  • See what accounts are moving fast or slow in your Funnel
  • Understand account conversational sentiment using AI
  • Leverage account health indicators to improve your forecasts
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⚙️ Activation

Turn product activities into actions

  • Proactively send updates based on customer milestones
  • Configure nudges to proactively help customers who are stuck or stalled
  • Receive daily or weekly updates on Funnel activity
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💜 Testimonials

Why teams love FunnelStory

"FunnelStory's account-level insights are invaluable. We can now understand user behaviors, optimize our funnel stages, and experiment effectively. It bridges the gap between product usage metrics and sales data in a way analytics tools don't."

Vlad IonescuCEO, Earthly

"Our PLG motion produces thousands of signups. I use FunnelStory to get a complete picture of our funnel and see how users are progressing or getting stuck. This way we can prioritize the top opportunities and optimize our customer journeys."

Rishi BhargavaCo-founder, Descope

⚙️ Usecases

Intelligence for any GTM strategy

FunnelStory is designed to let sales leaders leverage product and conversational data to drive conversions, adoption, renewals, and expansion

Self-serve trials

Don’t get overwhelmed by the 000’s of accounts in your self-serve funnel. We help you identify qualified or at-risk accounts in real time using customer behaviors during your product trials

Managed trials

Leverage product data to execute your managed trials, ensuring you allocate resources to the most promising deals, plug data-driven insights into your forecast, and enhance overall business efficiency

Discover the fun in your product funnel

Work with us so your data and sales teams find the revenue that’s hiding in your trial funnels, code-free


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