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Turn Customer Data
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FunnelStory AI cuts busywork by > 80%, so your team can focus on what matters.

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Discover Customer Journeys, Predict Outcomes,Prioritize What Matters

FunnelStory's time-traveling AI scours data - actions, whispers, even tickets - to learn what makes best customers thrive. It then crafts flawless funnels; nudges accounts toward success, cuts busywork, and signals sales when accounts are primed to grow

For everything else, you can simply talk to your data.

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The Challenge of Retention and Growth in a New Economic Era


Teams are under pressure to generate revenue with tighter budgets.
A playbook-driven approach isn't cutting it anymore.

Retention is King: 70% of revenue from existing customers, however the growth/retention budgets have remained the same (or even less) than in prior years.

The only way revenue leaders can achieve their goals is to do more with less and repurpose existing dollars to higher-order strategic activities that generate revenue

The FunnelStory AI

FunnelStory applies the concepts of data and process mining to reveal Intelligence, on how your best customers have used your product, how they have engaged with your organization.

By bringing historical customer journeys to life, you can identify retention zones, discover bottlenecks, discover your best customer segments, and even design predictive journeys to drive customers towards success..

Did you Know? A smart customer journey designed with data, can reduce task fatigue & cost by 80%, freeing up valuable resources

This is how FunnelStory AI Drives Results

Customer Journeys

Discover, Define, Predict

Customer Segments

Discover, Prioritize, Reach out

Smart Tasks

Cut task fatigue by 89%

On-demand Analysis

Talk to your data

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Why teamslove FunnelStory AI

Read Success Stories of how customer success & sales teams are using FunnelStory

Gilad Shriki

Gilad Shriki

Head of Success, Descope

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"With FunnelStory we went from zero data to critical baseline metrics. We're now making informed decisions on qualified accounts and attaching our sales team to the best opportunities for conversion."

Vlad Ionescu

Vlad Ionescu

CEO, Earthly

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"FunnelStory's account-level insights are invaluable. We can now understand user behaviors, optimize our funnel stages, and experiment effectively. It bridges the gap between product usage metrics and sales data in a way analytics tools don't."

Rishi Bhargava

Rishi Bhargava

Co-founder, Descope

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"Our PLG motion produces thousands of signups. I use FunnelStory to get a complete picture of our funnel and see how users are progressing or getting stuck. This way we can prioritize the top opportunities and optimize our customer journeys."

Gilad Shriki

Gilad Shriki


"With FunnelStory we went from zero data to critical baseline metrics. We're now making informed decisions on accounts and...

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Mohan Athreya

Mohan Athreya


"FunnelStory has started to give us insights into usage & patterns that we didn’t contemplate before and helping us make critical...

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