For Sales & Customer Success Teams

Stop Guessing,Start Winning

FunnelStory's time-traveling AI scours data - actions, whispers, even tickets - to learn what makes best customers thrive. It then crafts flawless funnels, nudges accounts toward success and signals sales when accounts are primed to grow


For Customer Success

Explore what FunnelStory AI can do for Customer Success teams

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For Product Trials

Explore what FunnelStory AI can do for your Sales teams

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✨ AI-Magic in Minutes

X-ray your accounts in minutes

FunnelStory AI “automagically” understands and analyses all product usage information from your data warehouses. Combined with conversational and other unstructured data from your slack, chats, support and other ancillary engineering systems to help you gain full visibility into your accounts

⚔️ Rescue Stagnant Growth

Track progress with AI-generated funnels

FunnelStory AI systems will analyze the customer activity model, go back in time and recreate how your best accounts have explored your product. FunnelStory AI will then crunch this data to recommend a funnel. You can customize the recommended funnel by fusing your judgment with the AI recommendations

🔥 Smart Nudges, Big Sales

Nudge accounts to success

When AI goes back in time, it also discovers the actions taken by your best and worst accounts. It uses this data to generate an engagement model that is best designed to nudge your accounts to success

🔮 Predict, Target, Streamline

Convert, Retain, Expand, Upsell

Discover the criteria for account qualification for outreach. You can easily qualify for conversion, renewal, upsell, or expansion. Once qualified, FunnelStory delivers those leads directly to your CRM and also recommends the next best steps

🎯 Discover, Target, Amplify

Retarget, Engage, Campaign with Audience AI

FunnelStory AI discovers your Ideal customer profile/s to prioritize the accounts most likely to convert. You can send targeted offers to your ICP accounts, retarget disengaged accounts and generate feedback from most successful customers

Why teamslove FunnelStory AI

Read Success Stories of how customer success & sales teams are using FunnelStory to get complete visibility in their accounts

Gilad Shriki

Gilad Shriki

Head of Success, Descope

Descope logo

"With FunnelStory we went from zero data to critical baseline metrics. We're now making informed decisions on qualified accounts and attaching our sales team to the best opportunities for conversion."

Vlad Ionescu

Vlad Ionescu

CEO, Earthly

Earthly logo

"FunnelStory's account-level insights are invaluable. We can now understand user behaviors, optimize our funnel stages, and experiment effectively. It bridges the gap between product usage metrics and sales data in a way analytics tools don't."

Rishi Bhargava

Rishi Bhargava

Co-founder, Descope

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"Our PLG motion produces thousands of signups. I use FunnelStory to get a complete picture of our funnel and see how users are progressing or getting stuck. This way we can prioritize the top opportunities and optimize our customer journeys."

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