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FunnelStory Revenue Platform

FunnelStory AI can automatically discover and model your data in minutes, go back in time to learn from your best customers, Identify retention zones, discover bottlenecks, generate “optimum” journey funnels, design “effective” engagements, and signal sales when customers are ready for more.


🚀 Unify Data, Drive Sales

Unify Data with Customer Activity Model

FunnelStory AI transforms structured and unstructured data from product data warehouses and ancillary systems into a standardized customer activity model. This includes activities inside the product and those captured by ancillary apps such as chat, messaging, support, subscriptions, calendar, emails and a lot more

⚙️ Inbuilt Reverse ETL

Effortless Data Ingestion with Inbuilt Reverse-ETL

FunnelStory AI has an inbuilt reverse ETL to fetch data from any standard data warehouse. Once a model is defined, FunnelStory AI will automatically recreate past activities and observe the data to detect and create future updates in all of these models

🔍 Visibility Wizard

Data discovery using custom LLM models

FunnelStory AI, using powerful LLMs can infer users, accounts, and activities from your data warehouse & Segment and automatically complete visibility configuration in minutes.

This obviates the need for any customer to discover and define SQL queries for the reverse-ETL models

🥷🏻 Rescue Stagnant Growth

Customer journey mining with AI

FunnelStory AI applies the concepts of activity mining, ML, and Markov chains to discover the most optimum customers' journey for conversion/renewal/upsell or expansion. By the same principles, it discovers the growth loops and engagement drivers for slower or stuck accounts

🔥 Smart Nudges, Big Sales

Funnel, Nudges, and Engagements

FunnelStory AI will automatically recommend an optimum funnel based on Markov chain clusters discovered over the aggregated time series and an engagement model best designed to nudge your accounts to success.

You can add to or customize the recommended engagement actions by layering judgment on top of AI recommendations.

🎯 Discover, Target, Amplify

Precision Marketing with Audience AI

FunnelStory Audiences AI can discover your ICP/s, look-alike audience, and retargeting audiences to help marketing drive targeted campaigns.

It can also identify precise audiences to revive stalled leads, fuel late-stage sales, and help upsell existing customers

🔮 Predict, Target, Streamline

Product Qualified Accounts

With Audiences and Funnel Stages, FunnelStory AI can discover and qualify accounts that are ready for conversion, expansion, up-sell, and renewal, FunnelStory AI can put these qualified accounts into your CRM and also assign the next set of tasks for assigned salespersons

⚡ Hassle-free Integrations

FunnelStory has an ever-growing library of integrations

Integrate your most important applications to access full-funnel visibility with minimal code


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Customer Support


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Customer Data Platform

Data Protection

FunnelStory works with apps,  databases, and data warehouses in both public and private environments. All data is encrypted


FunnelStory is ISO27001 and SOC 2 Type II compliant. We’ve taken the extra steps to ensure your data is safe


Our platform offers Role-Based Access Control and detailed Audit Logging, ensuring your data is protected and monitored at all times

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 certified

Your security is paramount to us

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SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Your data stays secure & confidential

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