Overcoming Stalls in Product-led Sales

Indecisive buyers block PL sales? Offer limited choices, public comparisons, & track usage progress to nudge decisions. Design great user experiences & provide success stories to build trust & win deals

Alok Shukla

By Alok Shukla

Apr 30, 2024 4 min read

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Overcoming Stalls in Product-led Sales

In the last blog, we looked at why indecision plays a major role in lost sales opportunities and how to discover indecisions in product-led sales (PLS) scenarios. We also looked at one scenario of overcoming indecision in the PLS process. In this edition, let’s look at a couple more scenarios.

Scenario: Prospect stalls due to valuation problems

With too many features and options to choose from, prospects can often find it difficult to narrow down on a specific option. It is also difficult for them to understand whether their choice is superior to what other customers offer.

 Key Strategies:

  1. Limiting purchase options is a great way to force prospects to make decisions with limited but directionally focused information. It is akin to a server helping patrons in a restaurant with personal choices on what to eat (on a menu with too many options).

  2. Providing competitive analysis and adopting publicly available feature names and options allows prospects to easily compare the pros and cons of different functionalities from a public source which reduces the possibility of indecision (stall) significantly.

  3. Communicating weekly or daily progress of how a product solves key problem statements for a prospect creates a body of proof points that can help justify a valuation exercise.

Situation: Prospect struggles with uncertainty of outcome

The possibility of a prospect being unable to see the value of a solution or struggling to reach the desired outcome can stall most trials.

Key Strategies:

  1. Forming well-designed FTUX (First-time user experience) + STUX (Second-time user experience) is a great way to mitigate indecisiveness. A well-designed FTUX ensures that a prospect sees the promised value of a solution in minutes, creating a well-crafted, direct path to success and creating immediate stakes for the prospect. A well-designed STUX can ensure that a prospect learns the value of a solution by re-emphasizing the value with ease of repeatability of reaching that value state.

  2. Building case studies and cookbooks or playbooks can build confidence with prospects during a product-led sales implementation. A Case study that describes the problems of similar prospects and how your solution was able to resolve their needs allows a prospect to gain confidence in your product. Similarly, a cookbook or playbook-style solution approach helps prospects visualize how this product can help them achieve a desired outcome.

  3. Offering digital customer success by helping your prospect with a built-in adoption plan to ensure success goes a long way to answering the “day after” questions. If the prospect understands that both the vendor's and the prospect's goals are aligned, it will help overcome the prospect’s hesitation to make the decision.

In conclusion, indecision is the leading cause of loss of sales for the accounts with purchase intent after the product evaluation cycle has started. It is difficult to discern indecision early in most environments. However, it is substantially harder to discover in product-led sales environments, where a prospect may not interact with a salesperson for an extended period during the sales process. Applying these strategies to discover indecision in product-led sales and solving for them through smarter product and GTM decisions, can help improve conversions significantly.

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