Cookbook: Managing Trials with FunnelStory

Efficiently manage product trials with FunnelStory using this step-by-step guide. Guided by seven demo videos, each focused on a specific step, to illustrate how FunnelStory effectively handles trials.

Alok Shukla

By Alok Shukla

Nov 27, 2023 2 min read

Manage product trials using FunnelStory in seven simple steps. This cookbook is guided through seven demo videos, each video describing a specific step.

This demo uses Gitea as a sample B2B SaaS app to demonstrate how FunnelStory can manage product trials.

If you are reading this cookbook without going through the introduction to Trials playbook, you may want to start from there. Here is a link to read the article.

Managing Product Trials 101

Step 1: Gain Visibility into Individual Trials

Configure FunnelStory to gain insightful visibility into trial data for a B2B SaaS application. In just 30-60 minutes, create a trial funnel comprising 3 to 5 steps and configure data models in FunnelStory for comprehensive insights.

  1. Video Demo: Configure FunnelStory for visibility into individual trials

Step 2: Organize Accounts in a Trial Funnel

Define the total number and names of funnel stages for the trial, create the funnel, and establish stage conditions. Review the configured funnel for accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Video Demo: Creating Trial Funnels in FunnelStory

Step 3: Engage and Nudge Accounts Toward the Next Funnel Stage

Actively guide trial accounts through funnel stages with FunnelStory. Configure lifecycle conversations and set up nudges to seamlessly move accounts to the next stage.

  1. Video Demo: Automated Engagement in FunnelStory

Step 4: Prioritize Trials by Revenue Signals

Identify high-potential trials based on revenue signals. Explore revenue signals available in FunnelStory and configure health tags for effective prioritization.

  1. Video Demo: Prioritize trials by Revenue Signals in FunnelStory

Step 5: Qualify Accounts for Sales Outreach

Identify funnel stages for outreach qualification, configure CRM sync for deal creation, and define automation for seamless sales team engagement.

  1. Video Demo: Qualify accounts for sales outreach in FunnelStory

Step 6: Marketing to Prospects/Customers

Efficiently market to trial accounts and retarget disengaged ones. Learn how to retarget disengaged accounts, seek feedback, and increase conversion with targeted offers.

  1. Video Demo: Marketing to prospects/customers using FunnelStory

Step 7: Periodic Funnel Review for Optimization

Optimize the trial funnel in a period manner. Identify relationships between health tags and funnel states, investigate slow/stuck accounts, and discover new opportunities for nudges.

  1. Video Demo: Periodic Funnel review to optimize trial funnels in FunnelStory

Concluding Thoughts

By following these seven steps and the accompanying video guides, you can manage trials effectively using FunnelStory, optimize engagement, and maximize revenue potential.